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Mafra History

From Vintage to Supercars - Since 1965

MA-FRA has reinvented its sector by transforming the concept and principles of cosmetics for women and men and taking them to a totally new setting. “Cosmetics for your Car”. When this slogan appeared for the first time it was a genuine “Revolution”. Here are the steps that have led MA-FRA to reach the heights of production in Europe: an utterly inspiring journey. 


1960s This was how we came about, in a bathroom with a bathtub filled with formula which was to become the first, innovative self-drying product for the car wash. We took top position in the market almost straightaway, supplying dewaxing and polishing products to car dealers and garages.


1970s the legendary and glorious “Diamantplast” is created, the first polish for dashboards, and the company is awarded the prestigious “Apollo d’Oro”, the Oscars of the business world. This decade saw the first catalogues being produced and we branched out to cater for the motorcycle and boat sectors by creating some multi-functional products. The thriving company transfers to the Limbate Head Office. Planning and production for our capillary sales network gets underway. This is still the mainstay of our business strategy today, a true “added value” and the life blood to be safeguarded and respected.


1980s MA-FRA begins its collaboration with Peugeot Italia, supplying all the professional and “DIY” products. This collaboration prompts the customized MA-FRA – Peugeot catalogues. 
MA-FRA is first in the professional automobile industry to produce aerosols completely free of chlorofluorocarbon (pollutant gas that damages the ozone layer). This leads to the MA-FRA “green life style” for the pro-active protection of the environment.


1990s Production begins for alkylphenol-free detergents. The ecological “Eco Spray” line, consisting of a spray can with refillable compressed air, is put on the market. MA-FRA begins its collaboration with the most significant dewaxing centres (“Mercurio Trasporti” and, successively, “Fratelli Elia”), treating thousands of vehicles each day. “Ecomaf”, the very first ecological line on the market, goes into production. These products are made exclusively from natural surface active agents, capable of guaranteeing the highest level of biodegradability and the minimum environmental impact. This line merges innovation, technology and environment to perfection. 
A laboratory is constructed, to add to the growing Research and Development department, to control and analyse waste water as part of continued research into eco-compatible products. MA-FRA is included in the list of official Toyota Italia and Daewoo Motors Italia suppliers. The European sales network spreads, increasing in numbers and experience.


2000: MA-FRA is the first to successfully produce and launch the vending machine format with the automatic dispensers for “Shopping Car" car care products and “Deo Shop" fragrances. 
MA-FRA places even more focus on its brand name. In addition to its mass-media advertising campaign, the MA-FRA image is also visible in the sports grounds, racing tracks and on the Formula Rally cars. 
The rest takes us almost to the present. The new, impressive Baranzate premises just outside of Milan, ISO 9001 Certification since 1999 for design quality and the important Environmental Certification ISO 14001 since late 2004, the only one awarded to a body in the car care chemical production sector, for the new premises and which had been calculated into its design and plans. A number of lines are created and/or strengthened: Nautica, Moto, Camper and Ferramenta, while the brand name graphic is restyled in 2007 to become more eye-catching and contemporary thanks to its three-dimensional effect and strong colours.


Most recently, MA-FRA has boosted its image both on a communicational level, through a series of initiatives that have made the brand the most recognised and esteemed in its sector, and on a professional level, by strengthening and pursuing the values of absolute quality and respect for the environment and people. The sales network continues to expand, gaining extra-European territory and the very highest levels of professionalism.

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